About Us

We3Magic is a software company which is based in Chennai, India. We nurture security to all our developmental services. We realize the seriousness of the work we are doing and understand how important your business is to you. The work that we do and perform is not with regard to the scale of an organization that approaches us. We provide the same level of services to small, medium and large firms. So whether you have a staff of one or thousands, we put in an equal amount of effort to ensure you meet your end goals.

Who We Are

We make your business needs and day-to-day work-life  simpler by providing data security solutions.

Our Mission

To be the catalyst for our clients by creating high level of economic value that together we set new standards of excellence in our respective industries with full data protection.

What We Do

We replace the unstructured & unorganized work patterns with intelligent & automated workflows 

Our History

We3Magic is a Chennai based firm formed by three visionaries Rahul Jai, Allingam Ranjith Kumar & Rahul Purohit. We later  commenced into Research & Development for various technologies focusing into various software developments which gave roots to various revolutionary prototypes for various industries but prioritizing security as the core domain.

Allingam Ranjith Kumar

Technical Head

Rahul Jai

Creative head

Rahul Purohit

Management head

Our 6 - D Process


Study and analyze the exact requirements. This can be through emails, questionnaires, interactive sessions, etc. Analysis must cover all aspects including the existing web system as well as audience.


Create system functionality document which perceive all the requirements of the client with all the minute details. It will create better understanding about the system to be developed. Also mention all the future requirements as well as all the costing details.


This process includes designing a small prototype or small working model. It covers activities directed towards the architecture of the system and function flow diagrams including detailed specification of the system.


Development phase transforms the detailed design and specification into actual product through various hard code programs. It includes the integration of source code, database files and content into a single module or product.


It includes testing the product or modules of the product through various testing process like load testing, cross-browser compatibility testing, resolution testing and integration testing. The finished product is deployed and functions are carried out through the system, which the system is supposed to do.


Delivering involves preparation of Meta tags, optimizing pages from various factors, submitting the website to different search engine. Maintenance is the important step of the whole process. It includes frequent updating of the web site to keep it fresh. Various bug fixes and errors will be done during maintenance phase. 

Why Choose Us?

We work with Businesses to strategise and implement digital initiatives that achieve lasting financial success. We manifest this mission through 2 focuses – helping clients achieve exponential growth & operational efficiency. We strongly believe that a company’s success and longevity are directly proportional to its ability to innovate.

To conjure new ideas, engineer new systems, and create new products – innovation is the only true competitive advantage in business. A rare cross-section of “thinkers” and “doers”, our team combines the highest level of strategic leadership with advanced execution.

Predicting the future & keeping up with existing trends is a challenge, but the bigger challenge is having plans in place for what’s coming – blockchain, VR & machine learning – and having foresight into how today’s digital environment meshes with the future state that’s on the horizon –

Being a leading Custom Software Development Company, our immense expertise has helped us to cater to an array of industries. In the process, we have weaved a formula for success and are able to minimize risk no matter what your project requirement is. With us, unplanned costs are identified and planned in-order to maximize your RoI.